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The World's First Playset & Outdoor Gym Combination

Playsets haven't changed in decades. Wood playsets are boring. They rot. It's time for a change.

That's where we come in. Introducing, SwingSesh, the playset revolutionizing the market. Our models offer a full backyard gym with pull-up bars, dip bars, box jumps, squat rack, or 15-ft climbing rope, and plenty of fun for the kids with two swings, a slide, monkey bars, climbing ladder, and play deck. Our patent-pending design is the only fitness focused family playset on the market.

Playsets Built for a Lifetime

Customize one of our bestselling designs to fit your family.

The features the kids want

What do the kids want most? Swings, slide, monkey bars, play deck, and fun accessories for hours of backyard fun, but most importantly accessories that help adults stay engaged and playing!

The fitness features Everyone needs

From Moms and Dads starting their fitness journey to most serious athletes, our sets have you covered and help your kids transition from play to sports naturally. Pull-up bars, dip bars, and box jumps are included with every model. Add on a squat rack (gun rack style or removeable j-cups), 15-ft climbing rope, landmine, wall-ball targets, and battle rope attachments.

Colors for your style

Azure blue is our signature color, but we also offer a wide range of colors. Most popular other options are Storm Grey, Forest Green, and Crimson Red. Have something else in mind? Give us a shout, we'll make your custom colors a reality!

Find the set for you

Take this quick quiz and we'll recommend a set for your family.

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(301) 247-2881


Designs Picked for You

Discover unique designs you'll love

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Floral Dream

by Lisa Jones

Wilderness Adventure

by Max Miller

Rainbow Unicorn

by Sarah Lee

Abstract Waves

by David Kim

Geometric Shapes

by Alex Chen

Vintage Car

by Olivia Hernandez

What Our Customers Say

Matthew B.

My wife and I value a health and wellness conscious lifestyle and promote those values to our kids. We wanted to purchase a play set for the kids and did lots of research comparing and contrasting play sets. We were looking for something that was durable, functional and fun. This is built like a crossbreed between a commercial playground and Rogue fitness gym equipment. Everyone who has seen it has been impressed.

Gavin Y.

We're 8 months into being SwingSesh owners and the product is top notch. My wife and I both WFH with two young kids, having the ability to get a workout in the backyard at a moment's notice is such a huge boon! But to talk about how great the product is only tells half the story... the company is fantastic as well. The quality of the product mixed with the customer service makes this such an easy company to get behind. I recommend it to any at-home workout heros with kids.

Dan-Vinh N.

I've had the SwingSesh for a few months now. It's been through some record breaking rain storms and has remained absolutely solid, looking nearly brand new. It's a hulking play/exercise set that is thoughtfully built. I even looked at commercial outdoor fitness equipment before getting this, and this was more competitively priced and a better value. My daughter loves playing on the swings and it's so fun to get a great workout in while playing with her.

Adrienne H.

We bought the SimpleSesh with monkey bar attachment because we already had a swing set. Our 6-year old cannot get enough of the monkey bars. He climbs around for hours each day. He literally runs to the SwingSesh after school every day. He loves to direct his dad and me in a workout while he climbs around. It's a win-win-win. He gets on-on-one time with his parents while we get our workout squeezed in and we all get sunshine! It is extremely solid and never moves even with all 3 of us working out together. Worth every penny!! We will be adding more options next year!

Darlene W.

The playground is such high quality and it will really last forever as your kids grow from toddlers all the way to their teens and beyond as they start to exercise and workout too! As a physical therapist, I love that the fitness features utilize body weight resistance exercise and it's so sturdy, it's easy to add on additional equipment like resistance bands, etc.

Doug P.

This playground is perfect for us. We wanted to draw the grandkids to our house, and the old slide and monkey bars couldn't handle the older ones (over 6-ft tall now). With SwingSesh the little ones climb all over it and enjoy the slide, and the big kids work out using all the stations and the free weights that I bought to fit on the squat rack - that rack was a great idea. I'm having a blast, too, and showed the kids I can still do pull-ups. (They were impressed). Now I can be more methodical in my workouts, right along with the kids of any age, having fun together.

You want the best for your family. You've found it.

We're not kidding around when we say it's the best swing set on the market. Every aspect has been carefully designed to maximize longevity, utility, and fun for everyone!

Heavy-duty steel frame

A step above the competition, every SwingSesh is constructed of heavy-duty steel to stand the test of time. Designed for adults and kids, it is the highest quality playground equipment for home use on the market.

Industry-leading protective coating

The highly durable, thermoplastic coating covering the entire metal frame provides a non-slip surface for safety and superior rust, corrosion, and UV protection.

Zero maintenance

Unlike wooden playsets, there's no need for annual staining or finishing on a SwingSesh. With our steel frame, you also don't have to worry about the structure cracking, warping, rotting, or splintering.

Superior Slides

You won't find a flimsy slide on a SwingSesh; we sourced top-quality double-walled rotomolded slides, made right here in America.

Moving? Take it with you

Not only are they made to last, they can easily be moved and reassembled wherever life takes you.

Coated Swing Chain

The lower half of swing chains are coated in plastisol to provide a soft, no-pinch grip

From Passion to Creation

We're parents just like you and we've made it our mission to provide high-quality equipment so parents can workout, interact, and enjoy playing with their kids. We’re a small family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and building relationships with our customers.

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All the features for ultimate fun & fitness



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Space-saving model ideal for smaller backyards



A complete outdoor gym, add play features later


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