Dual-Purpose Neighborhood Playground Equipment for HOAs

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are always looking for ways to contribute to the neighborhood’s property values and sense of community. Neighborhood parks and community playgrounds are a great way to bring the community together for some fun and relaxation. Fitness playgrounds, like SwingSesh, promote a healthy lifestyle and enhance social connections among residents. By combining adult bodyweight fitness equipment with children’s play elements, SwingSesh offers a unique solution for smaller HOAs looking to offer their residents the maximum amenity at an affordable cost and minimum footprint.

If you are planning, building, or revitalizing your HOA playground equipment in a residential community, SwingSesh is here to help!

Benefits of Neighborhood Playgrounds & Neighborhood Fitness Equipment

Communities are all about bringing people together. Residents who live in the same neighborhood, condo complex, apartment building, or community may all be different, but have all chosen to live in a similar space for a reason. Inclusion of a SwingSesh fitness playground in your community spaces reflects a commitment to the overall well-being of residents. Adults can gather to get in a full bodyweight workout while their children play alongside.

Beyond the health benefits associated with regular exercise, the social aspect of these playsets contributes to a stronger sense of community. Residents can engage in physical activities together, fostering connections that go beyond casual encounters.

Neighborhood playground equipment like SwingSesh can serve many benefits:

  • Create a safe place for children to play and make friends who live near them.
  • A place for adults to meet their neighbors while their children play.
  • Help develop commonalities among strangers and strengthen community relationships
  • Promote community growth by making a community more attractive to prospective residents.
  • Encourage children to excel by developing their social and sensory skills.
  • Create community pride in a unique and beautiful park.

Quite simply, play benefits everyone and playgrounds can help serve children, families, and adults in neighborhoods. Investing in beautiful and functional public spaces for children and community members is sure to make your neighborhood a better place to live.

Why Work With Us for Your HOA Playground Project?

  • High Quality & Durable HOA Playground Equipment
    • Neighborhood playground equipment can see decades of play and must be built to last. SwingSesh structures are constructed of heavy-gauge steel and use the industry-leading coating to protect the metal and keep it comfortable in extreme temperature conditions. We use only the highest quality components that will withstand years of play.
    • All our fitness playground structures come with a warranty against structural failure due to defects in workmanship and materials. There’s no doubt: our equipment is built to last.
  • Low Maintenance
    • Our outdoor play equipment is made from the highest quality, commercial-grade materials, ensuring they will only need minimal upkeep. The thermoplastic coating – which is the thickest coating in the industry – ensures the metal stays protected against rust and is virtually maintenance free.
    • We also assist you in choosing low-maintenance playground surfacing to fit your site and budget.
  • Affordable Neighborhood Playground
    • The dual-purpose nature of SwingSesh’s fitness playgrounds is one reason they are so cost effective. Nowhere else can you invest in adult fitness equipment and children’s play features in one structure. Truly a two-for-one!
  • Customizable
    • Many Homeowner’s Associations guidelines dictate certain colors, aesthetics, and other design considerations. Our customizable equipment ensures your playground will fit into your community seamlessly.
    • With so many products to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision! We have put together some of our past customers' choices to give you a place to start. Not every HOA has the same needs. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your HOA project do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Safety
    • Our CPSI-certified team of experts carefully review every design to ensure it is safe. In addition, our equipment meets or exceeds all relevant safety regulations and standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Financing & Funding Options for HOA Playgrounds

Building a playground for your HOA can be a big investment, but there are financing and funding options to help your neighborhood pay for a great play space everyone will enjoy! You may be able to secure grant funding, develop a local partnership, or embark on a fundraising campaign to involve the local community!

  • Grants
  • Local Partnerships. There are likely many like-minded organizations in your area that
  • Fundraising Campaign
  • Financing Options


Naomi Leeman

Naomi is co-founder and COO here at SwingSesh. With years of experience in landscape architecture and urban design, Naomi enjoys helping people make their spaces functional and beautiful! When her husband Brad had the idea to combine a home gym with a backyard playground, she was on board immediately and hasn't looked back since!

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