SwingSesh equipment is designed to be easily installed using simple tools and takes two or three adults in 2-4 hours, depending on the model. View the timelapse installation video below or download the Installation Manual. (Model-specific installation manuals can be found on each model's product page in the 'Product Features' section.)

Step 1: Measure your Yard

The first step is to measure the space you want to dedicate to the play equipment. This will help you decide which model will fit your space best. The overall footprint and dimension for each model are shown on each product page. And remember, there are different configurations for each model that change the dimensions slightly and might make it a better fit for your site. Safety best practices recommend having a 6-ft wide clear area around the perimeter of the set. 

As you're analyzing your site, don't forget to check the slope. You can work with a slope of about 10 inches over 20 feet. If your site is steeper than that, we recommend leveling it before installation. The more level the site, the easier installation will be!

Step 2: Order your Set 

Once you've measured your yard and decided on the perfect set, go ahead and place your order online. If you'd like us to coordinate installation, send us an email at We'll reach out to you to get some more information and we'll ask you to send us pictures of the site. We'll contact local providers and will send you a quote for installation services. 

Step 3: Install and Play!

Once your set has been delivered, you can finalize the date and time for installation with a chosen local provider. Before the starting installation, you’ll want the site to be level within about 10 inches over 20 feet. 

You will also want to consider some type of playground safety surfacing such as mulch or rubber tiles.

Two men installing a SwingSesh fitness playset near a live oak tree