Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a steel SwingSesh better than a traditional wood playset?

The heavy-duty steel used to construct each SwingSesh will stand the test of time, is low-maintenance, and moveable. Unlike wooden playsets, there’s no need to paint or stain it each year and you won’t have to worry about the structure cracking, warping, rotting, or splintering. Keep it looking as good as new by simply hosing it off once in a while.  

Will my SwingSesh rust?

Rust and corrosion are prevented with a durable, high-quality thermoplastic coating on all structural steel components. Small components like swing hardware are stainless steel or coated to prevent corrosion. 

Will my SwingSesh fade from exposure to the sun?

The thermoplastic coating contains an extremely effective UV inhibitor that offers protection from harmful UV rays in even the most demanding environments. Additionally, the coating regulates the temperature of the steel - it won’t be too hot in the summer and won’t be too cold in the winter.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes! Two adults can easily assemble a SwingSesh in a few hours. All the holes are pre-drilled and all the bolts use the same wrench. Earth anchors are included and they screw right into the ground - no concrete footers needed. Check out our Assembly Manual for more details.

Do you offer different color schemes?

Have a specific color scheme in mind? You can work with our design team to customize your SwingSesh. Let us know by shooting an email to

Can I add more accessories to my SwingSesh in the future?

Yes! Our modular design will allow you to add SwingSesh features and components, like a slide, in the future. We’re constantly working on the next best thing - a squat rack will be available soon! Have a great idea of an add-on you’d like to see? Let us know by shooting an email to

What makes SwingSesh’s slides better?

Our slides are rotomolded plastic, which means they have a double wall. They are larger, heavier, and stronger than slides you’ll find on most other residential playsets. Even better, they’re made right here in America!

How does the equipment anchor to the ground?

Earth anchors are provided with every set; you do not need concrete footers.  The 18-inch aluminum screw-style earth anchors are inserted through a hole in post feet and securely anchor the set.  Anchors are installed with a 1/2" square drive and the top sits flush to the ground.  Anchors can be removed and reused in a new location.