SwingSesh Fitness Playset vs Lifetime Playset: Why SwingSesh Wins the Best Metal Playset

SwingSesh Metal Playset Swing Set

We get asked this question a lot: "What’s the difference between a SwingSesh fitness playset and a Lifetime playset?"

They’re both metal playsets, right? They both have swings, slides, monkey bars, play decks, and climbing features, right? So why does the SwingSesh cost more? Let me tell you why some of our customers have replaced their Lifetime sets with a SwingSesh.

The main difference is the fitness functionality of SwingSesh sets: they are more robust and more useful for the entire family. They are purpose-built for adults to workout alongside their kids. But what else sets SwingSesh equipment apart?

You’ve probably considered a metal swing set for a few good reasons:

  1. The low maintenance aspect of a metal swing set is appealing; you don’t want to stain a wooden playset every year (right there with ya).
  2. The kids reeeaaallllllly want monkey bars and it turns out those are kind of hard to find.
  3. Metal playsets are pre-drilled and are easy to install in comparison to wood swing sets.

But you want just a little more... something that engages the whole family. You’re not the parent who wants to be head down in their phone, lazily pushing their kid on the swing every twenty seconds. You want to engage, be active, and, what the heck, maybe even swing with your kids! Because a SwingSesh can help you achieve those things, it was awarded a Parenting Award from Good Housekeeping.

SwingSesh Metal Playset

BLUF: What the award-winning SwingSesh has that no other playset offers:

  • Fitness Equipment Designed for Adults
  • Heavy-Duty Steel to Handle Adult Weight 
  • Sturdy Components so Mom & Dad Can Play with the Kids 
  • Top-of-the-Line Finishes & Materials 
  • Modular & Customizable Design to Grow with Your Family 
  • Made in America by a Veteran-owned Small Business


Let’s take a closer look at a SwingSesh model and a Lifetime model that have similar play features: monkey bars, 2 swings, slide, play deck, and climbing features. Keep in mind, you won’t be racking any weights, doing box jumps, or knocking out a round of dips on the Lifetime playset. Here are the specs:

SwingSesh with Monkey Bars

SwingSesh Fitness Playset with Monkey Bars

Lifetime Adventure Tower with Monkey Bars

Lifetime Adventure Tower with Monkey Bars

✔ 2 swings (modular to 4)
✔ Monkey Bars
✔ Slide
✔ Play Deck
✔ Climbing Features
✔ Pull-up Bars
✔ Dip Bars
✔ Squat Rack
✔ Box Jumps
✔ Ab Station
✔ 15-ft Rope Climb (optional)
✔ Landmine, Wall Ball Target, Battle Rope Attachments (optional)

✔ 2 swings
✔ Monkey Bars
✔ Slide
✔ Play Deck
✔ Climbing Features
Pull-up Bars
Dip Bars
Squat Rack
Box Jumps
Ab Station

Metal  Heavy-gauge steel 2 ½ in square tube Thin-gauge steel pipe
Overall Weight Limit 5,000 lbs 1,000 lbs
Deck Weight Limit 2,000 lbs 600 lbs
Swing Weight Limit 250 lbs per swing 135 lbs per swing
Slide Thick rotomolded double-walled slide Thin single-walled slide

Premium ~200 micron thermoplastic coating

3x thicker coating provides better protection with a soft, rubbery feel that is cooler to the touch in extreme temps and can be repaired at home

Galvanization available to provide additional protection for harsh or coastal environments

Standard ~60 microns thermoset coating

Thinner brittle coating can crack, fade, and cannot be field-repaired


Aluminum screw-style earth penetrators drive 18-inches into the ground

Earth Anchors

Arrowhead anchors

Lifetime Anchors

Swing Seats

Rigid seats that are more comfortable for adults

Rigid swing seat

Belt seats

Belt style swing seat
Swing Hardware Stainless steel pendulums, snap hooks, & bolts

Made in USA

Made in America

Imported from China

Made in China

Customizable Modular and customizable design grows with your family Only one out-of-box configuration

Before After

If you want something that will last a lifetime, be useful for a lifetime, and extend your lifetime… the choice is clear. Get a SwingSesh.

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Naomi Leeman

Naomi is co-founder and COO here at SwingSesh. With years of experience in landscape architecture and urban design, Naomi enjoys helping people make their spaces functional and beautiful! When her husband Brad had the idea to combine a home gym with a backyard playground, she was on board immediately and hasn't looked back since!

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