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The SuperSesh is the ultimate backyard home gym and outdoor playset that offers all the features to ensure fun for the entire family. In addition to the swings, slide, monkey bars, pull-up bars, dip bars, and box jumps the SuperSesh has an additional rig setup for your serious workouts. The uprights have 1-in holes throughout to accept additional fitness attachments such as J-cups, landmine, and spotter arms to create an entire outdoor home gym in your backyard. The SuperSesh is designed for the family serious about working out and lifting.

Aspiring Ninja Warrior? With the additional rig on the SuperSesh, the two 8-ft high bars are spaced 4-ft on center, perfect lache bars. The Monkey Bars will keep them on their toes and at the top of their game and the 7.5-ft height is tall enough for mom and dad to practice their skills too! Add on 15-ft climbing rope to take this playset to the next level!

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