Safety Precautions Attachments

It is the responsibility of the owner and supervisors of this SwingSesh equipment to make sure all users obey the safety instructions provided with the equipment. Children should only use the equipment under adult supervision. Do not let anyone use equipment until completely and properly assembled and anchored.

SAFE SURFACE: Place the equipment on level ground, not less than 6-ft from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines, or electrical wires.  Do not install the equipment over concrete, asphalt, packed earth, grass, carpet, or any other hard surface.  A fall onto a hard surface can result in serious injury or death to the equipment user.  It is recommended that the equipment be placed on a shock-absorbing surface.  Shredded bark mulch, wood chips, fine sand, or fine gravel are considered to be acceptable shock absorbing surfaces when installed and maintained at a sufficient depth under and around the equipment.  The equipment must be anchored to the ground. 

PREVENT ENTAGLEMENT: To prevent entanglement and strangulation, dress children appropriately using well-fitting shoes and avoiding ponchos, scarves, jackets with neck drawstrings, cord-connected items, helmets with straps and other loose-fitting clothing that is potentially hazardous while using the equipment.  These items can cause deal by strangulation. 

TEACH CHILDREN: Adult supervisors must teach children the following: not to walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving items; not to twist swing chains or ropes or loop them over the top support bar since this may reduce the strength of the chain or rope; to avoid swinging empty seats; to sit in the center of the swings with their full weight on the seats; not to use the equipment in a manner other than intended; not to get off equipment while it is in motion; not to climb when equipment is wet; and not to attach items to the equipment that are not specifically designed for use with the equipment.

USE OF BARBELL: Users must exercise extreme caution if using a barbell with the squat rack attachments.  When using a barbell, the swings cannot be used. Never leave a racked barbell unattended. Remove the barbell from the squat rack when not in use. 

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