Unlike the Rest: The Absolute Best Metal Playset

There's a metal playset on the market that you've never heard of, with features you've only dreamed of. It blows away the competition in function, strength, and longevity. Kids love it, dads love it, and moms reap the rewards.

It's called SwingSesh and its hands-down the best metal swing set out there because it combines a complete home gym with all the fun features kids love. Built for mom and dad to use too, no other set compares to the strength of a SwingSesh, unless of course you're in the weight room of a Division A football team. And with the best premium coating on market this set is actually going to last a lifetime.


built for dads playing with their dads in full beast mode.

You’ve probably considered a metal swing set for a few good reasons:

  1. The low maintenance aspect of a metal swing set is appealing; you don’t want to stain a wooden playset every year (right there with ya).
  2. The kids reeeaaallllllly want monkey bars and it turns out those are kind of hard to find.
  3. Metal playsets are pre-drilled and are easy to install in comparison to wood swing sets.

But you want just a little more... something that engages the whole family. You’re not the parent who wants to be head down in their phone, lazily pushing their kid on the swing every twenty seconds. You want to engage, be active, and, what the heck, maybe even swing with your kids! Because a SwingSesh can help you achieve those things, it was awarded a Parenting Award from Good Housekeeping.

What the award-winning SwingSesh has that no other playset offers:

  • Fitness Equipment Designed for Adults
  • Heavy-Duty Steel to Handle Adult Weight 
  • Sturdy Components so Mom & Dad Can Play with the Kids 
  • Top-of-the-Line Finishes & Materials 
  • Modular & Customizable Design to Grow with Your Family 
  • Made in America by a Veteran-owned Small Business

Features of Metal Playsets

Swings, slides, monkey bars


Which is better, a metal or wood playset?

Metal swing sets tend to be more heavy duty, although high quality wood sets can also last a long time (the trick is finding the high quaility wood, more on that here).  

How long do metal playsets last?

A metal Metal swing sets can last upwards of 15 years if properly taken care of, and if no damages occur, such as weather or rusting.

Do metal swing sets rust?

Rust is always a consideration with metal swing sets. Without a proper coating or if the coating gets damaged, exposed metal can rust. SwingSesh equipment is coated for maximum protection against rust with a premium thermoplastic coating. Unlike the others, the coating on a SwingSesh can be repaired right in your backyard to fix any damage and prevent rust.

Do metal swing sets get hot?

With a traditional thermoset powder coating that the other metal playsets use (we won't even call them competitors), the metal can get quite hot to the touch in the direct summer sun. SwingSesh has solved that problem with our thermoplastic coating. It's three times thicker than normal powder coating and insulates the metal from the heat and cold. 

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